Wild Camp is the sixth level in Skylanders 2nd Generation: Trap Team.

Task Edit

Drive the Wild Folk from the village.


It was a regular village until the Wild Folk invaded. They stole everything, and nobody was brave enough to stand up to them. The Wild Fork ruled with an iron fist... Or iron wing.

Elemental GatesEdit

  • Animal
  • Cosmos

Areas To FindEdit


Legendary TreasureEdit

  • Iron Wing

Soul GemEdit


  • Winged Hat
  • Tiger Hat

Story ScrollEdit

  • Wild Folk

No one knows who the Wild Folk were before they came to the Wild Camp. Some say that they stayed on the peak of a mountain. Some say they lived in a forest somewhere. But one thing's for certain. They are bad news.

Trappable Villains Edit

Villain Quests Edit

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