The Unleashed Skylanders are a team formed to help stop a fast approaching storm that would completely wipe out Skylands. They are the special Skylanders in Skylanders: Unleashed. There is one per element, reaching a total of eight.


Once, many years ago, there was a team of thieves. They were very skilled at their job, and soon became notorious for their crimes. Then, one day, they had the idea to pull off their biggest heist yet.

They were going to loot the Emerald Temple, birthplace of countless brave heroes. Planning to take the 13 Ancient Emeralds, they were caught up in their own foolishness. The emeralds morphed with the crooks and placed a curse on them. The team of eight was not to awaken until the world needed them most.

Hundreds of years later, Skylands was overrun by a new villain. The thieves were finally free of the curse. Not long after, Master Eon was alerted of their presence. He eventually got them to agree to help, and to join the Skylanders.


The Unleashed figures are much sturdier and bigger than the normal cores. They are slightly smaller than the Giants. Each comes with some lightcore part. For example, Spark Shot has a glowing thunderbolt cannon. They also display a little badge on the front (just like the Swap Force), showing what form of evolution they have.

List of Skylanders:


  • Sugar Buzz


  • Spark Shot


  • Chupacabra


  • Gasquatch


  • Scatter


  • Slam Dunk


  • Bot Rocket


  • Lochness

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