Tread Head is an spin-off of the Skylanders series. The title character is probably a Tech-elemental Core Skylander from Skylanders: Trap Team, you know.



F. A. S. T.Edit

  • Tread Head (Tech)
  • Abra-Ca-Dash (Magic)
  • Tidal Wave (Water)
  • Rocket Gem (Earth)
  • Fryno (Fire)
  • Bone Cart (Undead)
  • Wind Shame (Air)
  • Leaf Protest (Life)
  • Sun Racer (Light)
  • Moon Racer (Dark)

T. I. M. E.Edit

  • Déjà Vu (Magic)
  • Countdown (Tech)
  • Clock Shell (Water)
  • Time Point (Earth)
  • Hot Temper (Fire)
  • Life Ender (Undead)
  • Rotate Tornado (Air)
  • Revert Back (Life)
  • Time Travelling Pig (Light)
  • Time Travelling Goblin (Dark)

S. N. A. K. E.Edit

  • Cobra Cadabra (Magic)
  • Mech Snake (Tech)
  • Hydra Mystery (Water)
  • Underground Sneaker (Earth)
  • Venomous Fire (Fire)
  • Rattle Shake (Undead)
  • Wind Snake (Air)
  • Animal Call (Life)
  • Air Snake(Light)
  • Dark Spider (Dark)


  • Kaos' Mom: The main antagonist. She seeks revenge on her son for turning good. After the three Skylander teams defeat her, she was not defeated yet and turned into Ultimate Kaos' Mom, which is a gigantic, shadowy version of herself and also the true final boss.
  • Doombox: An evil boombox and also the first boss. He can create sound waves and shoot speaker-like projectiles.
  • P.S.Y.C.H.O. Machine: A wooden toy-like robot which plans to sew everyone's legs into gross blocks. He is the second boss.
  • K.I.L.L.I.T.: The third boss. She is an sudden psychopath. She looks like Sprocket except she has an white coat.
  • Evilized Spy Rise: A Spy Rise miniboss made with Crystals.
  • Golden Queen: A Doom Raider from Treasure-Owning Magnificent Baronets.
  • Cyclops Toy Platoon: A Cyclopes that had a Toy Shield.
  • Evilized Fire Kraken: A swapper that's made with Crystals.

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