Species: Hawk
Gender: Male
Element: Animal
Role: Villain


"Get out of the way or get axed."
—Villain Vault

Tomahawk is an Animal Trappable Villain from Skylanders 2nd Generation. You trap him in Wild Camp.


Tomahawk is the leader of the Wild Fold. His wings work like axes, and his feathers are like knives. On his head he has a mohawk-like frill.


  • Attack 1: Chop enemies with wings.
  • Attack 2: Swoop down with wings outstretched, damaging all enemies in path.


When evolved, Tomahawk turns from brown to black. For his villain quest, you must meet Otto in Sugar Farm. Mice are eating all the wheat, and Otto needs you to get rid of them! He says: "Ah! Mice! Oh, it's just you. Hey, do you mind getting rid of these mice? Though they're really fast. We need someone to match their speed, like Tomahawk! Bring him here, please." Once you bring Tomahawk to Otto, he says: "Tomahawk, you're here! Can you catch these mice? They're too fast for me!"


  • "Can I axe you something?"
  • "I'll chop you into liver! Mmm... Liver."
  • "You're so lucky. You have me on your side."
  • "I would be the better choice."

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