Tiki Tackler

Tiki Tackler
Species: Tiki Warrior
Gender: Male
Element: Earth
Role: Skylander
First Release: Skylanders: Relics
"Tiki Time!"
—Tiki Tackler's official catchphrase

TIki Tackler is an Earth Relic Guardian from Skylanders: Relics. his Relic is the Terror Tiki


History                                                               Tiki Tackler lived on a tropical island in the middle of nowhere. As a Tiki Warrior, he fought everyday restlessly to please the Elders. The Elders found him a great warrior, and sent him to fight the great Volcano Master. No Tiki Warrior had ever slain the Volcano Master, and the Elders thought Tiki Tackler was sure to die. When he returned with the Volcano Master's tiki mask, they instantly made him a Skylander and a Relic Guardian.

Attacks Edit

  • Attack 1: TIki Tackle and Smash!
    • Tiki Tackler Tackles Forward and Does a Sword Smash!
  • Attack 2: Tiki Rise!
    • A tiki Rises from the ground and Shoots Darts at enemies.

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