Toxic is the newest element, first introduced in Skylanders: Dark Squad.

History Edit

No one knows how The Toxic Element came about. Some say it was a lab experiment gone wrong. Others say it was a forgotten element used by The Ancients. No one is quite sure, but what we do know is that the Toxic Element contains some of Skylands' greatest heroes, and it is an element that is not easily forgotten.

Abilities Edit

Unlike any other element, The Toxic Element Skylanders are almost invincible. Radioactive slime? It POWERS them! Spikes? Don't even flinch! Explosives? No problem-o! They feed on and power themselves with harmful substances, something no Skylander can do. This proves very effective when fighting evil, but not so efficient when you have to clean up after their messes!

Weakness Edit

Alas, The Toxic Squad has 2 major weaknesses, Water and Fire. Water melts the Toxic Element's slime and evaporates their acid. A Toxic Skylander should keep away from a Water Skylander. Fire does the opposite. It ignites them and sets them on fire. While this works as an awesome flame trap for Fire Skylanders, it is a rather painful experience for Toxic Skylanders.

Toxic Element Characters Edit

Skylanders Edit

Villains Edit

  • Frankenbeak
  • Ninja Greeble
  • Goo Lob
  • Baron Von Shellshock (Dark Invader)
  • Time Tank
  • Bird Blaster
  • Dr. Deltron (Dark Invader)
  • The Beast of Skylands (Dark Invader)


  • Toxic Bulb
  • Toxic Thumbs Up!
  • Toxic Chicken
  • Toxic Question Mark
  • Toxic Sheep
  • Toxic Cannon

Elemental Gates Edit

The Toxic Elemental Gate are very rare and hard to find. They are usually very well hidden. Inside, they usually consist of a mad laboratory themed room. Puzzles are often found in these Gates.

Color and Symbol Edit

The color of The Toxic Element is a sickly green color, sort of the color of Jade Flashwing's gems. The symbol is the classic Toxic Symbol.


Trivia Edit

  • The Toxic Element is an all-male element SO FAR.
  • Chemicals and slime won't hurt Toxic Skylanders.
  • The Toxic Element is the 2nd element to contain a sheep. Sheep Creep in the Life is first.

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