"Time to get sketchy!"
    —The Animated Kid's official catchphrase

Skylanders me as a skylander
Species: Animated human
Gender: Male
Element: Magic
Role: User 
Appears in: Skylanders: Fan Wiki
Attacks/Actions: Attack 1: Pencil Dagger

Attack 2: TurtleBear

Attack 3:  Game-Boy of DOOM!

First Release: Skylanders: Fan Wiki

Basic Info Edit

He is based off TheAnimatedKid

Backstory Edit

He, unlike most humans, was drawn as a animation. This didn't get in his way. He was playing Minecraft when his computer sucked him in. He was chased by creepers for 34 minutes when he got stuck in the virtual dimension of game coding (he was the first of cartoon/human kind to see this.). He was about to be turned into code when two hands pulled him out, he got a glimpse of a dark figure as he flew away. He turned to see thibo and inferno and met the others. He know helps skylands ands cracks a few jokes. He still wonders today who that figure was today.

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