AirSymbolSkylanders Tempest AirSymbolSkylanders

TheDoctorofAwesomeness Tempest

Species: Storm Horse
Gender: Male
Element: Air
Role: Core
Appears in: Skylanders: Legend Of Skylands
Attacks/Actions: TBA
"A chance of rain!"
    —Tempest's official catchphrase

Tempest is an Air Skylander from Skylanders: Legend of Skylands.



They STILL don't know how, but Tempest was born from the clouds. He was lonely, sitting in the clouds all by himeself. this loneliness quickly turned into rage, and snow, hail, and rain fell from the cloud he was sitting on, nearly destroying the Mabu village below. He gasped at what he had done, vowing to learn to control the anger inside him, and to use it only to fight evil. these vows caught the attention of Master Eon, who trained him to control his rage and eventually become a Skylander!

Thanks to..Edit

AdamGregory03 for this Amazing pic of Tempest!


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