"Yield For The Shield!"

- Sun Block's Catchphrase

LightSymbolSkylanders Sun Block LightSymbolSkylanders
Species: Sun Spirit
Gender: Male
Element: Light

Sun Block is a Core Light Skylander that appears in Skylanders: Uprising.

Appearance Edit

Sun Block is a armored light Spirit Knight with a large shield with blades on the edge. He has a magnifying glass in his chest. He wears a red cape. His armor is silver and gold. Important facial features include a singular linear slot in his helmet, filled in by yellow light.

Bio Edit

Sun Block hails from a long line of Royal Princes, who never really do anything heroic. He looked up to his uncle, who was shunned and had worked making the best armor and weapons for the Knights. He had worked very closely with him to design a suit that would allow him to magnify his own internal light. His uncle had introduced him to a legendary shield known as the Daybringer, which, when it found the worthy handler, would become as light as a feather. One day, An evil dark wizard had shrouded the land in shadows, nearly killing the people. Quick to react, Sun Block put on his armor, and in panic, picked up the Daybringer. It magically fit perfectly into his hands. He rushed into battle, and blocked the darkness from coming any further. The force quickly retreated, and Sun Block was a hero! Sun Block took the Daybringer and left the kingdom, to join the Skylanders.

Stats Edit

Attack- 130/200

Defense- 200/200

Agility- 90/200

Luck- 100/200

Powers Edit

Charge- Press (Primary Attack Button) to charge forward with the Daybringer in front of you.

360 Daybringer Throw- Press (Second Attack Button) to throw the Daybringer around you in a circle.

Magnify- Press (Third Attack Button) to magnify a beam of light from your chest.

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