Spiderlanders is a Spiderman spin-off for skylanders for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, Wii U and PC. The spin-off takes place in a New-Yorkish part of skylanders. Many villians appear as dragons some dragons in skylanders making camoes as villians (I guess you will see) And other skylanders are side characters



  • Peter Parker/ Spiderman (Spyro)


  • Mary-Jane (Stealth Elf)
  • Harry Osborn (Flemslinger)
  • J.J.Jameson (Boomer)

Bosses (In Order of Appearance)Edit

  1. Electro (Zap)
  2. Silver Sable (Cynder)
  3. Rhino (Bash)
  4. Shocker (Unidentified Dragon)
  5. Mysterio (Camo)
  6. Venom (Unidentified Dragon)
  7. Sand Man (Unknown Sun Dragon)
  8. Black Cat (Polar Whirlwind)
  9. Doc Ock (Drobot)
  10. Green Goblin (Unidentified Dragon)

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