"Talking the Trash!"
    —Spam's official catchphrase

Spam is a creature who wields lightning, who is a new Core Skylander in Blind's All Star Knockout! He is only available in the Data Stream adventure pack, along with Error and Solid. He is of the Light element.

LightSymbolSkylanders Spam LightSymbolSkylanders
Species: Furic
Gender: Male
Element: Light
Role: Core
World: Internet
Appears in: Blind's All Star Knockout!
Attacks/Actions: Lightning, Gibberish
English Voice Actor: Blindsighter101
First Release: Blind's All Star Knockout!

Appearance Edit

As said by other people, Spam looks similar to the Lorax, except skinnier, colored blue, and has lightning all over his body. His arms and legs are black pipes while his hands and feet are blue, lightning-infested, pom-pom shaped hands.

Background Edit

Personality Edit

Spam is very boastful and talkative, much to the annoyance of some Skylanders. Although this isn't a good quality to have, they still respect Spam as a good friend and Skylander.

Biography Edit

Spam lived his whole life in the internet. Whenever someone posted a spam comment on Wikia, YouTube, Twitter, etc., Spam always travels there to see it and laugh. However, over the years, people began to post too many Spam comments, and Spam cannot be in 5,000 places at once. He finally decided to jump out of the Internet and live a full time life in Skylands, and made himself a Skylander. Eon did not like this idea, but Spam did prove worthy to be one.

Gameplay Edit

Stats Edit

Spam had great strength, defense, and agility all ranging between 80 and 100. His luck is slightly terrible, but it's not that bad. Spam had the highest stats out of all three Data Stream characters.

Basic Stats
Attack 95/100
Defense 80/100
Speed 100/100
Luck 65/100
Other attributes
Element Light
Type Core
Appears in Blind's All Star Knockout!

Abilities Edit

Spam's primary attack is simply trash-talking. While what he's actually saying seems nonsensical, the game shows this attack in the form of !s, ?s, @s, #s, $s, %s, ^s, &s, *s, =s, +s, and -s. He also summons lightning and shocks enemies, as well as shocking himself to become electrical, and make quick work of his enemies with melee moves.

Upgrades Edit

Basic Abilities
These abilities are available from the start of the game.
Soul Gem Ability
Requires Soul Gem from:
Unlock By 300 Combo

Gibberish Static Lightning Chains

Primary Ability
Spam-talk your enemies to death.

Secondary Ability
Summon lightning to shock other enemies.

Price: 4000
Shock yourself with lightning to have lightning-powered melee combos for a while.

Basic Upgrades
Skylanders can buy new abilities from Persephone/Power Pods.

Spam Louder! Shocked Fried Food Regain Health

Price: 500
Gibberish deals more damage.

Price: 700
Lightning deals more damage.

Price: 900
Use lightning to fry any type of food to use it as a weapon.

Price: 1200
Fried food can regenerate more health than the food normally does.

Blocked for Spamming
Just keep spamming, just keep spamming, just keep spamming, spamming, spamming...............

Talk the Talk Now Words Hurt Spamming Enemies

Price: 1700
Gibberish does even more damage!

Price: 2200
Use the "words" in your own gibberish to use them as an extended hit.

Price: 3000
Use Gibberish on bigger enemies to make them talk the trash too!

The Legend of the Furic
Take Lightning to the next level!

Static Electricity Electric Shield Electric Shockwave

Price: 1700
Lightning is even more powerful!

Price: 2200
When you perform Lightning, a small shield will surround you for a short amount of time.

Price: 3000
Perform a shockwave for MAXIMUM DAMAGE!

none none none

Price: 5000

Price: 5000

Price: 5000

Skylanders can use abilities depending on their level.

Starting Powers

  • none (Primary Attack): none
  • none (Secondary Attack): none


  • none (requires level: none): none
  • none (requires level: none): none
  • none (requires level: none): none

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