"Pedal to the metal!"- Sonic Thunder's catchphrase

Sonic Thunder is an cyborg Tech Ultimate Heroes Skylander in Skylanders: Ultimate Heroes. Like the other Ultimate Heroes, he has special powers that make him a legend.


Sonic Thunder was an orphan hedgehog living in an old town. One day, he was now an grown-up while the Techno Trolls attacked. Using all the steampunk machinery, he created inventions and saved the old town. Now as a Skylander, he fights evil with his Omega Ray and Super Jetpack S3.



  • Omega Ray: Uses his laser beam-shooting gun.
  • Super Jetpack S3: Uses his jetpack, leaving the enemies in a cloud of smoke.
  • Omega Ray 2.0: Upgrades Omega Ray.
  • Plasma Punch: His metal arm gains full energy and then blasts off inside a plasma meteor.
  • Mach 0: Drives a tank that resembles Sprocket's tank.
  • Hyper Jetpack: Upgrades Super Jetpack S3.
  • Electro-Shield: Creates an electric force field.
  • Electric Hand: Starts shooting lightning bolts from his hand.

Special AttackEdit

  • Supernova Gadget: Uses his ultimate invention.


  • He bears a striking resemblance to Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • If BRRGames could make a Skylanders Ultimate Heroes with different songs, the song that would fit him would be Thunderstruck by AC/DC, Robot Riot from Phineas and Ferb or the Underfist theme song.
  • He often says "Oh stainless cupcakes!" in times of shock, as shown in the "New Giants" trailer. He said that at the end of the trailer right after seeing the Life-elemental Giant Mother Nature. He also seems to say "Ow, chihuaua!" in times of pain, as seen in the "New SWAP Force" trailer when he was accidentally ran over by Turbo Bunny.
  • His Electro Hand attack is very similar to Dr. Krankcase's tertiary attack.