LightSymbolSkylanders Solar System LightSymbolSkylanders


Species: Sunlighter
Gender: Male
Element: Light
Role: Core
World: Bright Valley
Appears in: Skylanders: Legend Of Skylands
Attacks/Actions: TBA
"I'm the brightest star!"
    —Solar System's official catchphrase

Solar System is a Light Skylander from Skylanders: Legend of Skylands.


Solar System is part of a species called Sunlighters, who lived in a remote island of Skylands called Bright Valley. They are the fiercest warriors, who lived only for battle. But Solar System, was not like that. Solar System loved to look at the stars. one day, he was looking through his telescope when he saw a comet coming right toward Bright Valley! thinking quickly, he used his rocket to destroy the comet, catching the attention of Master Eon, who made him a Skylander, but not without a cool hat. after destroying the comet, some debris started orbiting around his head!




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