"Fizz and Fly!"
    —Soda Pop's official catchphrase

Soda Pop, a soda alien, is a new Core Skylander introduced in Skylanders: Imaginarium. He is of the Water element.

WaterSymbolSkylanders Soda Pop WaterSymbolSkylanders
Species: Space Slime Particle
Gender: Male
Element: Water
Role: Core
World: Skylands
Appears in: Skylanders: Imaginarium
Attacks/Actions: Bottole Rockets
Head Gunk
English Voice Actor: RoyalPharodox172
First Release: Skylanders: Imaginarium



Soda Pop can be a little funny sometimes, but most of the time, he is serious. He is the leader of the Flying Aces, a team of Skylanders with jet packs, and the second in command of the Sensational Six.


Soda Pop was originally known as Alien 62B4H3.6, as a floating slime/dust particle floating through space, until he floated into Skylands. He landed on a huge cloud and immediately got to work to building a body and weapons. Then, he built a house. He had spent a few weeks there before he ran out of food and was forced to drop down the the Skylands, where he met Lucas and High Voltage. When the two were seen, Soda Pop immediately attacked them with soda rockets and other unique fighting abilities. Lucas was amazed and made him a Skylander, while Soda Pop continued to make new friends to this day.



Soda Pop needs some work on his strength and defense. However, great luck, and even greater speed!

Soda Pop
Basic Stats
Attack 70/100
Defense 70/100
Speed 100/100
Luck 90/100
Other attributes
Element Water
Type Core
Appears in Skylanders: Color Shifters

Abilities Edit

Soda Pop owns a pack of bottle rockets, which he shakes and throws, causing them to fly towards the nearest enemy. He also had a soda jet-pack, in which he uses to fly or as an attack.


Basic Abilities
These abilities are available from the start of the game.
Soul Gem Ability
Requires Soul Gem from:

Bottle Rockets Head Shot Tornado Time!

Primary Ability
Throw Bottle Rockets.

Secondary Ability
Shoot your slimey head at enemies.

Price: 4000
More bottle rockets can orbit you until your whole body is shielded. When there is a big enemy in sight, the bottle rockets will automatically shoot towards that enemies.

Basic Upgrades
Skylanders can buy new abilities from Persephone/Power Pods.

Incoming! Stuck on You Fizzy Shield Soda Pop Flight

Price: 500
Throw homing Bottle Rockets at enemies.

Price: 700
Head Shot slime now explodes when you shoot, causing enemies to get stuck for a few seconds.

Price: 900
If you throw your Bottle Rockets when there are no enemies in sight, your Bottle Rockets will circle around you, acting as a shield. Once there are targets, bottle rockets will automatically shoot.

Price: 1200
You can fly with your jet pack.

Bottle Bomber
Bottle Rockets will have serious damage.

Bottle Rocket Bomb Melting Bombs Bomb Rain

Price: 1700
Bottle Rockets are turned into bombs. They'll act as bottle rockets, but have the affect as bombs.

Price: 2200
Bombs will home onto enemies, and when they explode, a puddle of soda will be left the explosion.

Price: 3000
Summon a rain cloud that rains bombs.

Slime Slob
Your head is even gooier than before!

Suck Up! Suffocate Minions!

Price: 1700
When enemies get stuck in the slime, their health gets drained overtime.

Price: 2200
Slime will spread all over an enemy, making their health drain faster.

Price: 3000
When enemies are killed, they become minions.

MEGA ROCKET!!! Rocket Rodeo A Sodarific Explosion!

Price: 5000
Create a mega rocket that you can ride on.

Price: 5000
The mega rocket gets harder to control, spitting out pools of soda while doing it.

Price: 5000
The mega rocket explodes!

Skylanders can use abilities depending on their level.

Starting Powers

  • none (Primary Attack): none
  • none (Secondary Attack): none


  • none (requires level: none): none
  • none (requires level: none): none
  • none (requires level: none): none

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Battle Cries Edit

  • "Fizz and Fly!" - catchphrase 
  • "Taking flight!"
  • "Head shot!"
  • "Heads up!"
  • "Flight of fancy!"
  • "A fizzy explosion!"
  • "Hyperdash!"
  • "Yes!"
  • "Never shake and drink!"
  • "Had enough yet?"
  • "Getting the gold!" - treasure
  • "Haha!" - treasure
  • "A new atmospheric level!" - level up
  • "Top of the world!" - level up
  • "Flyin' through!" - gate
  • "Make way!" - gate
  • "What mysteries await?" - elemental gate
  • "High flight!" - bounce pad
  • "Ah!" - bounce pad
  • "Triumphant again!" - battle arena winner
  • "The glory is mine!" - battle arena winner
  • "Perhaps you were too hyper!" - battle arena winner
  • "Oh..." - battle arena loser
  • "Ugh!" - battle arena loser
  • "Curses!" - battle arena loser


  • Soda Pop is the first Skylander to have his name changed five times. His fourth name was Soda Stream, his third was Pop Rocket, his second was Soda Rocket, and his very first name was Carbonator.
    • Carbonator was kept to be the name of Soda Pop's vehicle.
  • Soda Pop is one of the many Skylanders to wield a Jet Pack. Others include Sky Rocket, and Headache.
    • This is why Soda Pop created "The Flying Aces", a group of Skylanders with Jet Packs.
  • Pop Rocket was going to be his official name. However, when Sky Rocket was created, the creator thought it would be better to change his name to Soda Stream, and then to Soda Pop, to prevent confusion and similarity between the two names.
  • He is best friends with High Voltage and Slapper, and is the second in command of the Sensational Six.
  • He is the second Core Skylander developed after the Original Ten (the first being High Voltage).
  • Soda Pop originally had an upgrade that would make his jet pack give him a speed boost. This was removed for unknown reasons.
  • Soda Pop, along with High Voltage and Sky Rocket, have similarities.
    • All three have simple, anthropomorphic designs for their heads (High Voltage being a fireball, and Sky Rocket being a cloud).
    • All three have clear helmets.
    • All three have a protective suit.
      • Soda Pop is the only one of the three whose protective suit isn't made of metal.

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