"A Snowflake of Glory!"

- Snowderdash's official catchphrase

Snowderdash is the Winter counterpart of Smolderdash. She is half real half fake, because her non - lightcore form was made by The Skylander Dad and her Lightcore form is found at local stores.



Snowderdash is as steely and determined as they come. She whips her enemies into shape, and doesn't take no for answer.


When Winter comes, Smolderdash gets in really big trouble. She'll ruin the fun if she doesn't change into her icy form, Snowderdash. She actually does that 1 week before fall. Also, she'll change back into Smolderdash in Spring.


WARNING: These are the Xbox 360 attacks only. Primary Attacks:

X = Frost Whip

RT = Snowler Orb

More Coming Soon!


Battle CriesEdit

◾"A Snowflake of Glory!"

◾"Cold as the snow!"

◾"Sleeting the way!"

◾"The moon shines through!"

◾"You got frozen!"

◾"Can't contain the hail!"

◾"Bright and snowy!"

◾"The ice is mine!"

◾"Snow rise!"

◾"Snow Burst!"

◾"Eclipsing all others."

◾"Beware the Freeze!"

◾"Put to the Sleet!"

◾"Just Chilling up!"

◾"Heating down!"

◾"Very bright!" - when checking stats

◾"This should shine some snow on things!" - When checking stats

◾"This outta keep my head cold" - when wearing a hat

◾"Chilled up about this new hat!" - when wearing a hat

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