Sneak Blast is a dragon who is a new core Skylander in Skylanders: Terrible Two. He is of the Undead Element, and will be in a Wave 3 triple pack with Electric Egg and Wish Wiz.



Sneak Blast is creepy and likes to put on a scare for most of his skylanders friends. He has no friends thoguh. The only friends he has are Scissor Kick and Whisper Sneak. One alone is creepy enough, but together, those two skylanders creat total chaos.


When Sneak Blast first came to Skylands, he would steal food out of Skylanders' houses at night. One night, he was in his hideout tree when he saw Scissor Kick and Whisper Sneak in the middle of a plot to steal food. He ran up, and asked if he could join. They told him he could, and stole thier food. When they came out of a house with a bag full of food, they ran back to their secret hideout. But as soon as they got in, he saw Master Eon in their hideout. He said that Sneak Blast was excellent at sneaking, so he proved useful to be a skylander, but he also made him and the other two skylanders give back the food they took.

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