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Species: Human
Gender: Male
Element: Air
Role: Relic Guardian
World: Skylanders
Appears in: Skylanders: Relics
Attacks/Actions: TBA
"Think Outside The Fox!"
    —Slyclone's official catchphrase

Slyclone is a Air Relic Guardian from Skylanders: Relics. His Relic is the Spinning Terror.

Story Edit


Slyclone was known for his cunning tricks. He tricked everyone in his village, driving them out, and before he knew it, he was the only one left. He was a lone wolf. Or a lone fox, if you will. Without anyone to play tricks on, he got bored. He went to explore a cave. There was nothing in the cave except an evil mage. The mage was among the ones Slyclone had tricked, and cast a spell on him, making him spin for eternity. Slyclone was, after all, a good trickster, and that could get him out of any problem. After he tricked the mage yet again, he became a Relic Guardian, still tricking and spinning everywhere he went.


  • Attack 1: Trickster
    • Enemies stop attacking you.
  • Attack 2: Fox Spinner
    • Spin around, damaging enemies around you.

Relic AttacksEdit

  • Spinning Terror: Slyclone Upgrade
    • Higher Stats.
  • Golden Serpent: Fools' Gold
    • Gold litters the ground, attracting enemies.
  • Terror Tiki: Tornado Tiki
    • Tikis fly through the tornado around Slyclone.
  • Magic Notepad: Air Mail
    • Notepads Send Paper planes to attack enemies
  • Titanium Trophy: Spinner Winner
    • Trophies fall from the sky and smash enemies.
  • Shadow Hand: Wheel Of Mystery!
    • Hands come out of Slyclones tornado and grabs Enemies and damages them.
  • Lava Vase: Spinning Surprise
    • Lava pours out of vases and drowns and Damages enemies.
  • Beat Buster: Music in the Air!
    • Beatox's fall from the sky dealing Damage,Music stuns enemies.

Images Edit

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