Species: Ice Knight
Gender: Male
Element: Ice
Role: Villain


"Sharp as an ice shard."
—Villain Vault

Slicicle is an Ice Trappable Villain from Skylanders 2nd Generation. You trap him in Pain Peak.


Slicicle wears a light blue suit of armor, which is made entirely of ice. Instead of a sword he wields a sharp icicle, which he was given to by his creator, Chinchiller, to fight the Skylanders with.


  • Attack 1: Slice icicle.
  • Attack 2: Charge forward with icicle.


When evolved, Slicicle turns from light blue to pure white. For his villain quest, you must meet Deuce in Skylands Colosseum. Heaps of enemies are there, and Deuce says you need to defeat them all! He says: "Slicicle seems like a good guy to fight enemies. I could do a better job if I did myself, but I wanted to give someone else the spotlight." Once you bring Slicicle to Deuce, he says: "Slicicle! Yes! Now get in there and kick some butt!"


  • "Ready to get iced!?"
  • "No more Mr. Slice guy."
  • "Can you turn down the heat in here?"
  • "I'm the slice of life."

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