(This is a dictionary of made up words for Skylands. You are free to add to this page, but please do not put random gibberish or swears, or it will be deleted. Be sure to put the part of speech and defination. Also add a sentence. Please put these in alphabetical order. Thank you!

A Words Edit

  • amazonia: (n): A common sickness in which turns the skin blue, a sickness that all male vampires share.
    • "It was Skate Punk's amazonia that infected the Chum Chewers."
  • apricola: (n): A common sickness in which turns the skin pink, a sickness that all female vampires share.
    • "Roller Brawl was infected by apricola after a Vampire Chum Chewer bit her neck."

B Words Edit

C Words Edit

  • confuddled: (adj.) a humorous mixture of confused and befuddled.
    • "A befuddled turtle accidentally jumpped off of a cliff."
  • conpuzzled: (adj.) a humorous mixture of confused and puzzled.
    • "The hard lock puzzle left Brain Buster conpuzzled."

D Words Edit

  • Dragovern: (noun) a mix between a dragon and a wyvern.
  • "Blaze Fang is a Dragovern.

E Words Edit

F Words Edit

G Words Edit

H Words Edit

I Words Edit

J Words Edit

K Words Edit

L Words Edit

  • lightsor: (n.): a weapon that has a hole in the middle and two sharp points on each side. You put your arm inside of the hole until it reaches your wrist, and fight with it.
    • "Blind Sight's lightsor is the sharpest weapon in Skylands, so he thinks.
  • loval: (n.): an ocean of lava.

M Words Edit

N Words Edit

O Words Edit

P Words Edit

Q Words Edit

R Words Edit

  • rava: (n) A type of bug that lives near or in volcanoes.
    • "Rava are the most common species in volcanoes."

S Words Edit

T Words Edit

U Words Edit

V Words Edit

W Words Edit

  • Wilgamonica: (n.) A musical instrument composed of a cone held upside down, and can be played by plucking the strings on top or across the Wallmonica.
    • "Unnamed's friends laughed at him for being so good at playing the Wilgamonica,until he defeated a group of trolls with it, causing him to become Skylander."

X Words Edit

Y Words Edit

Z Words Edit

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