This atlas is not like most atlases, specifically the layout. This place names all fanon places in Skylands. Feel free to add some of your own! No gibberish allowed, or they will be deleted. No canon content allowed, or it will be deleted. Please put the name of the place in header, a paragraph decribing the place and database. Please put this in alphabetical order. If two or more people happen to have the same name, please either change the name or label it with your username. You may add pictures if you want to, as long as you label it.

Skylands Atlas names all places in Skylands, from Pop Rocket's hidden cloud home, to the high and hard to reach Rocky Cliffs.

Clearside Cliffs Edit

Elemental Lake (Blindsighter101) Edit

Elemental Lake is a set of islands in the middle of the Elemental Ocean. There are 24 islands, each with 1 of the 24 elements (some people have 24 elements in mind). Each element has its own island and a section in the lake. The island and section of the lake will be themed around that element. To better understand what element the island is, there will be a flag with that element symbol planted at the base of each island.

World Type Island Set
World Skylands
Residents Elemental Spirits
Enemies Elemental Enemies

Elemental Lake (The Doctor of Awesomeness)Edit

The Elemental Lake is a large lake with ten islands, one for each element. If you are feeling low, and need your elemental powers restored, you must train on the corresponding island.

"I Give Up!" Hole Edit

The "I Give Up!" Hole is an endless whole created by Skylands weather. This hole is for people who just had enough of life in Skylands. Rumors are that this whole leads straight to the Netherworld. People can fall in, but ghosts cannot come out. Only three great, evil leaders have jumped down the "I Give Up!" Hole. None have lived.

World Type Hole
Worl d Skylands
Residents None
Enemies Dead Souls that have jumped down the hole.


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