Skylanders at the beach cover

"'Skylanders at the Beach is a comic series on deviantart made by me, KriztianMilanes.


It takes place on one of the many beaches in Skylands, and the main three, Trigger Happy, Pop Fizz, and Boomer try to have as much fun at the beach while dealing with several things!


Chapter 1: Impressive Pop FizzEdit

Skylanders at the Beach page 1

Page 1: In this page, Trigg and Pop Fizz are relaxing on the beach watching what others are doing!

Skylanders at the Beach page 2

Page 2: In this page, Pop Fizz heads off to the beach but is nervous to even touch the water! He then takes a look to see what the Skylanders are doing in the water.

Skylanders at the Beach page 3

Page 3: Pop Fizz is still looking and notices Swarm and Tree Rex play a prank on Gill Grunt by using a cheap water gun!

Skylanders at the Beach page 4

Page 4: In this page, Gill Grunt takes revenge on Swarm, but Tree Rex quickly swam away and left Swarm who's about to be soaked!

Skylanders at the Beach page 5

Page 5: In this page, Swarm was blasted away by Gill Grunt and Terrafin ironically has no idea what water is!

Skylanders at the Beach page 6

Page 6: In this page, the fire skylanders are desperate to find a hot spring then Ignitor finds one and they celebrate, then it comes back to a scared Pop Fizz.

Skylanders at the Beach page 7

Page 7: Pop Fizz decides to finally go in the water, then notices Flameslinger and Stealth Elf. Then Trigger Happy comes and talks to him and wonders where Boomer is!

Skylanders at the Beach page 8

Page 8: In this page, it goes to Eruptor who is doing something to Boomer and then leaves in a very familiar way!

Skylanders at the Beach page 9

Page 9: It then goes to Boomer who is buried halfway through the sand, and then thinks about getting out. Trigg then suspects he's at the candy kiosk and then heads to the beach!

Skylanders at the Beach page 10

Page 10: In this page, Pop Fizz jets off to the beach, thinking he can impress Stealth Elf! He runs so fast he manages to catch up to a blue hedgehog!

Skylanders at the Beach page 11

Page 11: Pop Fizz runs so fast he knocks the hedgehog off his feet and beats light! Flameslinger then notices a strange noise heading toward him!

More Pages will be shown soon!

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