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Even though there has only been one team project that is going on right now, when a name is decided on, the name of this page will stay the same as this is for team projects in general, so here are some guidelines that I decided to put on this page so it doesn't clutter the other page(s)

Rules for Joining

  • Have an account, that is all that is required
  • Plus not having a bad edit history.

Being apart of the Team

  • When you have joined with your account which you do by informing Poseidon133 or BHCreations you will discuss your job as part of that team
  • No uploading photos that are unrelated to this wiki.
  • No adding pages that have nothing to do with Skylanders.
  • No adding inappropriate content that may disturb other users.
  • No vandalism.
  • No adding offensive photos
  • No swearing (swearing will result in an Instant Block (time varies on severity) )
  • No adding fiction that hasn't been discussed and agreed to
  • HAVE FUN!!!!

Future Projects

  • Anyone can request a team project if...
    • There is not one already going on
    • You have an account

If you fail to follow these rules

  1. First you will get a warning
  2. Second removal from the team
  3. Third a block

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