Skylanders Space Squad
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Developer(s) Vicarious Vision
Publisher(s) Activision
Platform(s) Playstation 5
Genre(s) Action-Adventure
Release Date(s)
October 17th 2030
Story Mode

Battle Mode

Media Included 3/10- IGN
Series Skylanders Reboot Series
Predecessor None
Successor None

Skylanders Space squad is a fangame by Poseidon133 which is about skylanders that can bend time and space. Space Squad skylanders have space bending powers that allows them to manipulate their bodies in the real world and how that is achieved is by Space Squad figures having moving parts and speakers. These skylanders can detach from their bases and walk around. You can press a button on their base which tells them to come back the base, but this feature has a parental lock if perants don't want to lose the figure. Also Space Squad skylanders can point to parts on the screen and give you hints and also interact with their virtual selves. They also work when the game is not on. Skylanders Space Squad also features the Portal of Time, having an attachable ramp for Space Squad Skylanders to walk down. The portal also has the same features of the Traptanium portal to feature backwards compatibility. The game also features online multiplayer for Xbox Live and Playstation Network but that to has a parental lock. All of the Space Squad Skylanders have built-in speakers to furthur boost their interaction with the player.


  • 24 Returning Skylanders
  • 8 New Core Skylanders
  • 8 Lightcore Skylanders
  • 16 Space Squad Skylanders

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