Sledding Time is the 20th short in my series Skylanders Yin and Yang.


  1. Hog Roast (Core)
  2. Necrowyrm (Core)
  3. Cycrab (LightCore)
  4. Icezer (Core)
  5. Jungle Gator (Core)
  6. Thunder Ape (Core)
  7. Fire Slam Spyro (Reposed)
  8. Mega Blast Trigger Happy (Reposed)


The Skylanders have been sledding on a half pipe made of ice at Winter Valley. First up was Hog Roast and Icezer, next up was Cycrab and Necrowyrm, next up was Jungle Gator and Thunder Ape and last was Spyro and Trigger Happy. Spyro breathes a fire ring and Trigger Happy jumps through it then sets himself on fire then he and Spyro fall into the frozen lake.

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