Burnance is a trappable villain from Skylanders: Rangers.


Burnance the Furnace Knight is the twin brother of Burnout however each had a different view point. Burnout wanted to be a rock star to inspire people but his brother wanted the world to burn. Burnace planed to burn his hometown by using huge barrels of magic oil but Burnout stop him and his plan. Burnance manage to escape his hometown while his brother became a Skylander this made Burnance very mad so he plan a life of crime and no one have ever capture him and still very dangours and deadly.


Well Well what do we have here? A Skylander I hate skylanders not since my brother join them. Well now you've will feel the burn!!-When encounter

Come on release me and prepare for round two-when defeated.

Wait this can't be happing you've won't put me in that vortex whatever you are woha stop I don't want to be Captuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeee-when Trapping

It's dark in here let me burn this crystal up....Wait a object that I can't burn this is the worst day of my life (Burance capture) Wait you want me to be a hero? I guess I can handle that I might burn evil instead of good-when capture

Pick me!!

let's BURRRRRRRRRRRN-When entering


Use attack 1 to burn punch

Use Attack 2 for Furance blast.

Use attack 3 for smash and burn.

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