Skylanders RPG: All Around Skylands is an RPG game for the Nintendo 3DS.


Kaos and Glumshanks were exploring the Ruins of Arkeyio and found the thing they were looking for, The Warp Wand. With this wand, Kaos thinks that he can take over Skylands and heads back to his hideout.

Later at night, the Skylanders and other characters were celebrating a party in Mabu Village. Suddenly, Kaos and his minions came and used the Warp Wand to warp every skylander away, except Spyro who got knocked out by a falling rock and enslaved most of the villagers there. The next day Spyro woke up to find Mabu village destroyed, and everyone and the Wishing Portal gone. Spyro wonders if anyone is at the ruins and went back to the ruins and finding Trigger Happy locked in a enemy cage and rescuing him and the two went back to the ruins finding Master Eon, after explaining the story, they wonder where Kao's hideout would be. Master Eon lead the two skylanders to a secret passage in his citadel to an ancient portal. Eon says that if the portal is fixed it can transport anyone, anywhere. So the skylanders went to look for the missing pieces of the portal.

Chapter 1:Edit

The first missing piece of the portal was the Ruby Star Shard, which was in Skytimber Forest. Later deep in the forest was a tree tunnel which was boarded by red planks of wood. And later they found a lost Ignitor who now joins the party. Ignitor can use his sword to burn red plants, and wood.


The player plays as Spyro and a skylander where they were found lost, trapped, or brainwashed in Skylands as the journey goes further.


  • Prologue: A Kaotic Comeback
  • Chapter 1: Into the Forest
  • Chapter 2: That Snow Beach
  • Chapter 3: Temple Treachery
  • Chapter 4: Hassle in a Castle
  • Chapter 5: A Mine's a Terrible Thing to Waste
  • Chapter 6: Ships' Ahoy
  • Chapter 7: Tower Power
  • Chapter 8: A Ruin with a View
  • Chapter 9: Arkeyian Attack
  • Chapter 10: Skyalnders on Ice
  • Chapter 11: Mansion Mania
  • Chapter 12: Desert Dippin
  • Chapter 13: Express Mess
  • Chapter 14: PIRATENAPPED!!!
  • Chapter 15: Frightmare
  • Chapter 16: A Kaotic Battle