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skylanders legends is the 5th installment in the skylanders series. there will be new skylanders called the moneymakers who have these magic coins that take the shape of the legendary skylanders. There will be 22 moneymakers,20 returning skylanders,22 core skylanders, and 11 rainbows. This game will not have kaos as the villain but a friend of his from dye school ,sharpie in his element. If you're wondering why there are so much skylanders is because I made some skylanders of the light, dark, and the kaos element be in this too.

story at kaos trap an old friend comes to see kaos but they're really putting up a plan to control skylands by using electricity on sharpie, charging him up enough to destroy eon. in our world metal can static to lighting. you're meal is like they're money. how skylands got they're money is by the moneymakers where skylands got they're electricity is from the legendary skylanders like dragons, giants, the swap force, and trap masters. now you must use your magic coins to get all the legendary skylanders/electricity before the evil sharpie can.

characters fire smoldersmash(moneymaker) fired STEEL(moneymaker) sunburn(series 2) smolderdash(series 2) heat wave(core) firefly(core)

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