Skylanders Doom Defenders. They are Villians who changed good because of the Side Switchers, an Elite group of Skylanders who can change the side of heroes and villians. They changed there ways and became a skylander team known as The Doom Defenders.

Story Edit

When kaos finds the missing content for his eviliser (From Skylanders Swap Force), Doom. He uses it to turn all the heroes into villians!  Now the skylanders, Doom Defenders ad Side Switchers must work together to beat Kaos!

Skylanders Edit

Magic Edit

  • Fizzy Rampage Pop Fizz (Returning)
  •  ??? (Returning)
  •  ???
  •  ???
  • Star Stalker (Doom Defender)
  • Myth-Stery (Doom Defender)
  • Sonic Switch (Side Switchers)
  •  ??? (Side Switchers)
  •  ??? (Lightcore)
  •  ??? (LightCore)
  •  ??? (Mini)
  •  ??? (Mini)

Levels Edit


Trivia Edit


Images Edit


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