The Mega Pack in Skylanders: DaGeDar Avatars has the most skylanders out of all four starter packs: Twenty. It will be available in Wave 2 of the game.


The Mega Pack has two DaGeDar Avatars, three core skylanders, two lightcore skylanders, two Power Core skylanders, two reposed skylanders, and three adventure packs. 

DaGeDar Avatars: Jack Fuego and Scissor Kick Kid

Core: Crash Bandicoot, Fist Blaster, Pick Axe

Lightcore: Lightcore Razor Wind, Lightcore Spell Caster

Power Core: Brain Strom, Light Screen

Reposed Skylanders: Laser Wrench Sprocket, Fire Tamer Smolderdash

Adventure Packs (Remember, these adventure in this game now have three skylanders, and three magic items. 

Future City Adventure Pack- Down Load, Fire Spin, Eternity Key Wind Up, Hoverboard, Zero Point Energy, Glider, Future City

Growl Town Adventure- 

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