Story Edit

Console Story Edit

Kaos lured a group of Skylanders into a trap. This trap was cursed that when anybody came to it, they turned to clouds. This creates the Cloudwatchers.


The Cloudwatchers can switch to their cloud mode, where they have two new attacks. "Storm", where they can summon a whole group of stuff from the sky, and "Mist", where they become invincible and unseen to enemies.

Characters Edit


  1. Unseen Graveyard
  2. Sleeping Fields
  3. Icicle Cavern
  4. Scream City
  5. Storybook Adventure
  6. TBA

Cloudwatchers Edit



  • Supersonic Zap
  • Red Bull Flameslinger


  • Starter Pack: Firestorm, Hardrock, Supersonic Zap
  • 3DS Starter Pack: Mistery, super sound spyro , red bull flameslinger

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