No one knows whre Corrptrex came from or how he got here before he became the master of Darkness or have eight arms repsenting the elements he was an outcast with black scaly skin an a horny tail with a mouth of a crocidle and eyes of a bat with claws that can slice through rocks with black skin and red stripes. He was scary looking which is wht rejecuted by several clans during this his heart began to fill with darkness. During his travels he begin to dispise the creatures around him that is when he met the strange cloud know as Darkor. He told him that he saw proteincal in him and so he train him in the ways of the elemets. Then years  later Corruptrex knows what his porpuse is to spread darkness across the planet. So he built the Core of Darkness to spread the darkness powered by the eight elements. He seemed unstopable that until the beast took him and the machine down. It at that point where the Beast's and Corrptex were sent to earth frozen in his state Corrptrex mediated to learn the ways of the elements further until 1 million years later he broke free from his shell. Having complted his trainning and gaining eight arms to control the eight elemets he use the portal to go back to the world below skylands to rebuild his core of darkness.

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