"Blow Evil Away!"

Skylanders Air Raid
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Developer(s) Toys For Bob
Publisher(s) Activision Publishing Inc.
Release Date(s) October 21st, 2017
Genre(s) Adventure
Mode(s) Single Player

2-4 Player Co-op

Rating(s) E-10
Platform(s) All Major Consoles
Series Skylanders

- The Game's Tagline

Skylanders Air Raid is an upcoming installment to the famous Skylanders franchise. It is developed by Toys For Bob and Activision Publishing. The game is mainly for a new elite group of Skylanders called the Air Raiders. There is a whole new element for the Air Raiders. There are 16 Air Raiders and a lot of other introduced characters. It is very similar to Giants, with the same graphics, style and mechanics. It also includes a new Party Mode Feature, allowing up to 4 players to play through the story, battle mode and play a bunch of Co-op Mini Games.

Story Edit

While we all know the Skylanders, there was something else no one was aware of. Hundreds of years ago, high up in the clouds, unseen from all sight, was a utopia kingdom, known as Cloudterra. This glorious Kingdom was guarded by a mysterious group of heroes, not skylanders, but protectors the kingdom's civilization called the Air Raiders. They were almost invincible and were sworn to protect the kingdom from any harm. They worked and lived together in harmony and always tried to be as peaceful as they could be. But the evil Arkeyans didn't understand peace and were angered by the happiness of the place. So they launched a siege on the kingdom, which soon became an all-out war for dominance. This went on for a long time, until the Arkeyans gained control of the legendary weapon held there... The Winged Scepter. The Arkeyans than used the staff to destroy Cloudterra and banish the Air Raiders to an unknown realm. But now... The Winged Scepter is in danger of falling into the wrong hands again, and you must get it before it is to late. You aren't alone though, The Air Raiders are back and ready to save Skylands as part of the Skylanders Team!

The Air Raiders Edit

The new Air Raiders have joined the Skylanders Team! These 18 new Skylanders are in the new Air Raider Element and have massive power, are as big as Giants and each masters a certain type of weather. The Air Raider element is divided into 8 parts:

  • Tornado
  • Rain
  • Lightning
  • Wind
  • Snow
  • Sun
  • Mist
  • Thunder

The podium these characters stand on is the normal air base but is painted gold. Here is full list of characters.

Tornado Edit

  • Spiral Bot
  • Spin Blast

Rain Edit

  • Rain Storm
  • Cloud Lobs

Lightning Edit

  • Shock Strike
  • Bolt Bazooka

Wind Edit

  • Gust God
  • Blow Hard

Snow Edit

  • Blizzard Bowler
  • Yeti Freeze

Sun Edit

  • Shine Screamer
  • Sun Ninja

Mist Edit

  • Vanish Act
  • Fade-Away

Thunder Edit

  • Noise Striker
  • Boom Crack

There are also the new Air Raider Zones. These are zones that are guarded by a wall of clouds. Once accessed, treasure chests, hats, legendary treasures, and even mini games can all be found.

Other Characters Edit

  • Flynn
  • Tessa
  • Cali
  • Eon
  • Persephone
  • Kaos
  • Glumshanks
  • Head Banger
  • Eon

Skylanders Edit

There is a vast new army of skylanders on your side, with new mini's, cores, reposes and more. Here they are listed below.

Magic Edit

  • Super Charged Spyro
  • True Beast Pop Fizz
  • Blitz Strike
  • Sauce Boss
  • Aroara
  • Pop Fuzz
  • Ax Baron Voodood

Water Edit

  • Jet-Jump Gill Grunt
  • Shock-Blasted Zap
  • Wave Wonder
  • Clam Slam
  • Sand Hassle
  • Zip
  • Sea Spike Wham-Shell

Tech Edit

  • Gold Nab Trigger Happy
  • Max Boom Boomer
  • Mr. Fix It
  • Cyber-tron
  • Doc Tock
  • Crank-Up
  • Laser Focus Drobot

Life Edit

  • Silent Strike Stealth Elf
  • Solar Power Camo
  • Vine Whip
  • Monkey Squadron
  • Tussle Leaf
  • Stump Squish
  • Awesome Aim Zook

Fire Edit

  • Molten King Eruptor
  • Speed Devil Trail Blazer
  • Bomb Pirate
  • Slither Burn
  • Spear Demon
  • Trail Burner
  • Fire Fiend Sunburn

Earth Edit

  • Champ Boxer Terrafin
  • Knuckle-Head Fist Bump
  • Trash Bull
  • Crystal Medusa
  • Mabu Drills
  • Fist Bang
  • Aussie Dino Rang

Air Edit

  • Super Shock Lightning Rod
  • Sharp Steel Blades
  • Weather Mage
  • Thunder Stomp
  • Rainy Painy
  • Sonic Scream
  • Atomic Shell Warnado

Undead Edit

  • Skull Dance Hex
  • Combat Master Chop Chop
  • Bone Bewitch
  • Rotting Rottweiler
  • Fang Prowler
  • Chip Chip
  • Skeletal Slam Ghost Roaster

Antagonists Edit

  • Kaos
  • Glumshanks

Vehicles In The Game Edit

  • Flynn's Ship
  • Elliot's Magic Carpet
  • Head Banger's Flying Fist Motorcycle
  • Arbo's Nature Winger
  • Arkeyan Robot
  • Arkeyan Helicopter
  • The Gravestone

Levels Edit

  1. Rock Hopper Ambush
  2. Fields of Fancy
  3. The Information Vault
  4. Pirate Planks
  5. Operation: Undead Airship Takeover
  6. Brawl Town
  7. Fear City
  8. The Sleep Dimension
  9. Wind-Whipped Mountains
  10. Jungle Rescue
  11. Kaos' New Castle
  12. Snow Empire
  13. Frosty Fortress
  14. Underground Mine Shaft
  15. Emerald Mine Tower
  16. Mount Arkeyan
  17. Arkeyan Super Vault
  18. Cloudterra Dogfight
  19. Rocky Mountainside
  20. Cloudterra Showdown
  21. Cloudterra Palace
  22. Kaos' Last Stand

Adventure Pack Level Edit

23. Space Clock Blastoff

Other Ways to Play Edit

There are also Arena Battles, hosted by Head Banger and Brock, as well as fun Mini-games and Kaos Doom Challenges. The Skaletons will also be back with new songs like:

  • Blues with Glumshanks
  • Jazz with Brock
  • Smooth with Matilda
  • Techno with Elliot

The songs played in Skylanders Trap Team will also be included.

The Hub Edit

The Hub of this game is Eon's Citadel. It is basically the same as Skylanders Academy. It just a library inside though with alot of hidden areas and a seemingly endless chain of rooms to explore.

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