The Story Edit

The story focuses on the Color Squad Skylanders (more detail on them later), who were an elite group of Skylanders tasked with the important job of guarding the Multicolor Fountain, which is the source of all color and joy in Skylands, and would turn all of Skylands grey and gloomy if something went wrong with it. One fateful battle with an army of Cyclops elites caused the fountain to erupt, giving the Color Squad they're color changing abilities, and sent them to Earth. Now Kaos searches for the Multicolor Fountain to destroy it, which would make everyone in Skylands too gloomy to rise against his rule. The Color Squad Skylanders must return with help from a Portal Master to save the color in Skylands!

The Color Squad & Figures Edit

The Color Squad Skylanders are, as they're names may suggest, Skylanders that represent a specific color, being Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, and Grey. These colors are not just for show, as they have multiple purposes.

  • Color Zones, which function similarly to the Elemental Zones.
  • Colorable Objects, which are seen through the level. Most of them are for completion purposes, but some are required to fill in using a Color Squad Skylander to progress the level.

Color Squad Characters Edit

Red Head

Feeling Blue

Green Thumb

Yellow Belly

Grey Shades

Pink Eye

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