The second generation of Skylands has come! With whole new elements! Whole new Skylanders! Whole new everything!


Adventure StoryEdit

The Skylanders were celebrating the defeat of Kaos. He was gone for good! But before long, a new secret reached the ears of the Skylanders. Kaos was born with twins. Two brothers. Typhon, Kaos' eviler brother, attacked Skylands, showing how evil he was. However, Soak, Kaos' good brother, fought on the Skylanders' side to help defeat the new villain.

Giants StoryEdit

The story of how the Giants beat the Arkeyans is known far and wide as a legendary battle. But a seperate battle, fought by a seperate team of Giants, was unknown. Until now. The new Giants of the 2nd Generation elements have come to fight Typhon and his army of minions.

Swap Force StoryEdit

Deep in Cloudbreak core, sixteen beings were there, unknown to the rest of the world. But when the Swap Force Skylanders came, and were exposed to Mt. Cloudbreak's eruption, the inner ones were revealed, and joined the 2nd Generation Skylanders.

Trap Team StoryEdit

After the failure of his brother and the Doom Raiders, Typhon decided to go a different direction. He sought out the Mad Baddies, a team of notorious villains who managed to keep out of Cloudcracker Prison. The Mad Baddies agreed to help him on one condition. Typhon would give them whatever they want. Typhon foolishly agreed.



New SkylandersEdit

New VillainsEdit


New SkylandersEdit

New VillainsEdit


New SkylandersEdit

New VillainsEdit


New SkylandersEdit

Element-Switched SkylandersEdit

  • Food Fight
  • Camo

New VillainsEdit


New SkylandersEdit

New VillainsEdit


New Skylanders Edit

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New VillainsEdit

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