Skylanders: Villains is a Spin-Off of Skylanders: Trap Team. In this game, the skylanders are stuck on Earth, and Kaos's dad blocked the portal between Earth and Skylands, causing the Skylanders to be stuck on Earth, with nothing they can do. Thinking that the villains were still evil, he brought the traps back to Skylands and freed every villain from the traps. 

Known Villains Edit

Magic Edit

  • Bomb-Shell
  • Pain-Yatta
  • Rage Mage

Earth Edit

  • Tussle Sprout
  • Chomp Chest
  • Grave Clobber
  • Golden Queen

Water Edit

  • The Gulper
  • Slobber Trap
  • Chill Bill
  • Brawl and Chain
  • Cross Crow
  • Threatpack

Fire Edit

  • Chef Pepper Jack
  • Scrap Shooter
  • Grinnade
  • Smoke Scream

Tech Edit

  • Bruiser Cruiser
  • Shrednaught
  • Brawlrus
  • Dr. Krankcase
  • Trolling Thunder
  • Mab Lobs


  • Masker Mind
  • Hood Sickle
  • Wolfgang
  • Bone Chompy


  • Buzzer Beak
  • Dreamcatcher
  • Krankenstein
  • Bad Juju


  • Sheep Creep
  • Broccoli Guy
  • Chompy Mage
  • Cuckoo Clocker
  • Shield Shredder
  • Chompy


  • Eye Five
  • Blaster-Tron
  • Lob Goblin
  • Luminous


  • Eye Scream
  • Fisticuffs
  • Tae Kwon Crow
  • Nightshade


  • Kaos

Bosses Edit

  • Kaos' Dad

Waves Edit


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