This is the ultimate Skylanders game

Skylanders Types

  1. Core Skylanders- Normal Average Skylanders
  2. Giants- Twice the size of normal Skylanders
  3. Swap Force- Skylanders that can swap halves
  4. Trap Masters- Skylanders that can trap villains
  5. SuperChargers- Skylanders that race in vehicles, no SuperCharger Cores will return


  • Soul Storm Spyro (Series 4)
  • Dragonaxe Voodood (Series 2)
  • Duplicator Double Trouble (Series 3)
  • Chomper Wrecking Ball (Series 3)
  • Samurai Ninjini (Series 2)
  • Potion Whirl Pop Fizz (Series 4)
  • Spell Book Hoot Loop (Series 2)
  • Hunter Trap Shadow (Series 2)
  • Magic Star Strike (Series 2)

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