Skylanders: Sports Mania is a brand new spin-off to the popular Skylanders franchise. It focuses mainly on a bunch of minigames/games. There are 50 mingames to play with all your favorite Skylanders. This time, the portal is large enough to fit 4 Skylanders. On the Wii U version, there is a special 5 player mode and thus, the portal is even bigger. There are a couple DLC packs with special characters.


All Skylanders are returning from all games. There are no new Skylanders.


There are 50 minigames and there are 15 normal (longer) games. The minigames are split into 5 categories of 10.



  • Boxing - 2 player; You fight and aim for a one hit KO.
  • Wrestling - 2 player; You try to tackle your opponent for 3 seconds.
  • Taekwondo - 4 player; You use all sorts of taekwondo moves to deplete your opponents' health.
  • Fencing - 2 player; You try to hit your opponent 3 times with your sword.


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