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Skylanders Rangers is the 5th game in the series where you swap the arms of 16 diffrent rangers. Each have their own unique abilities to go through, here is the list.









200 years ago the dreaded Count Moneybones created a device to make everyone a zombie on Sunshore island. But he was stop by a elite group of Skylanders know as the Ranges they manage to defeat him and destroy his device but the explosion change the rangers allowing them to swap arms but were bashins to earth and Sunshore island was unprotected for 200 years. Now 200 years later a army of the most deadlist villain come to attack Sunshore islands on the Core of Light Festivial. Now it's up to the Skylanders to capture all the villains and figure out why the villians are attacking the Sunshore islands.

Eon's Intro ''Greeting portal masters I am Eon and this is Skylands a magical world filled with wonder and exciment and home of the Skylanders protecter of this place. I notice you got a special group of Skylanders the Rangers. The Rangers were defenders of the Sunshore islands but when the darkness arrive on the islands so was Count Moneybone an Evil undead greedy invetor. He planed to make everyone on the Sunshore islands undead with a device called the undeadlizer and plans to use it to hit it on the aunnual Core of Light festivials. But he was foil by the protector of Sunshore island they were the Rangers. Alough they manage to defeat Count Moneybone machine Count Moneybone have one more trick up his sleves. He locked the Rangers in his lair and overloaded the Traptaium crystals and blasted the Ranger out of Skylands. But the Power of the Traptaium crystals gave the Rangers a new ablity the ablity to swap arms and send them to earth along with the shatterd traptium that form traps. Now you've have found them which means a great evil is heading towrards the Sunshore Islands planning on destorying the core of light. Now Portal masters be ready for your time to send the Rangers and Save skylands.

New skylanders and rangersEdit


Rocko (Ranger): A hard hitter.

Sluge: Let's slurge on through

SandStrom: Dirt in your eyes?

Cystazals (Ranger): Shocking isn't it?


Puff bag: Bloated up

Thunderbird (Ranger): Soaring high.

Hot air (ranger): Heat it up.

Twril:swriling around.


Burnout: Feel the heat

Meltdown (Ranger): Feeling hot.

Heatwave: Smoking hot Hot rod(Ranger): Hot Hot Hot!


Cold Fusion (Ranger): It's cold in here.

Squidbeard (Ranger):Stick to you.

Shark Tooth: Staying sharp.

Blizzard: Feel the cold


Buzzsaw (Ranger): Saw it coming.

Nutmag (Ranger): Go nuts.

Snap Dragon: Let's get snappy!


Cryptic (Ranger): Kinghty knight.


Telsa coil (Rangers): Shocking isn't it?

Polaity (Ranger): Opposite attacrt


Star light (Ranger): Twinkle Twinkle little star.


Sunspot (Giant): Praise the sun

White out: Shine on.


Event Horzion (Giant): I'll suck you in.

Midkinght: The Darkness is Coming.



Bouldersmash (Clockwork leader)

Brute (Clockwork leader)



Sheep mage (Clockwork leader)



Burnance (Clockwork leader)

Oil slick


Noodles (Clockwork leader)



Barb wire (Clockwork leader)

Life spell punck


Count Money bones (Clockwork leader)


Baron Von shellshock (Clockwork leader.)


Mesmelda (Clockwork leader)


Illuimoui (Clockwork leader)


Frightengale (Clockwork leader)


Chapter 1: Peaceful pasture

Chapter 2: Thorny jungle

Chapter 3: Overgrown ruins.

Chapter 4: Wilikin music theather.

Chapter 5: Traptaium Mines

Chapter 6: Oil lakes

Chapter 7: Gem Trails

Chapter 8: Frosy town

Chapter 9: Glacier valley

Chapter 10: Cycopes mountian

Chapter 11: Trash mountian

Chapter 12: Scarp yard valley

Chapter 13: Sheepy feild

Chapter 14: The Sheep storm

Chapter 15: Dream feilds

Chapter 16: Nightmare realm

Chapter 17: Count Moneybone lair

3DS StoryEdit

Dragons Peak is under Thereat of Kaos. As he plans to build a giant K-Bot to rule all of skylands.

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