The Morpher Skylanders are special Skylanders that can mutate into more powerful versions that Skylands has never seen. The same person that made Adapt Group and Elementals.


When Kaos Clone was defeated, everyone thought Skylands would never be harmed again, but hidden deep in the forests a new menace appeared. He trudged to the entrance of the forest and called his minions forward. Little creatures started carrying jars of an oozey liquid called The Substance that they tried to perfect to mutate their master to an unbeatable state. The master wanted to test it, but did not want to be hurt so he decided to test The Substance on some Skylanders. When Eon felt this presence he sent a group of Skylanders to see what is happening. They got to an abandoned laboratory and seen something so shocking. It looked like an older and way more evil Kaos. This was Kaos's older brother, Evile. When they tried to attack, he shot The Substance onto the Skylanders and they began to transform into creatures unlike anything Skylands has ever seen. Eon went to see this and told these creatures to calm and control the beast in them and they did. Then they realized that they could switch between these states. Angry with this help, Evil went to the back-up plan, bombs. He rigged the place with bombs so he told his minions to gather as much of The Substance as they could and to run and he exploded the lab with the Skylanders inside. They blew into our world, but they will return to defeat Evil, more evil than Kaos.



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