New Skylanders (Including Monsters)Edit


  • Houdni - "Im the key master!"
  • Curcis slash - "Are you magic?"
  • Black shoe (Smash)- "Go to your hole"
  • Sneaky sneaker (Sneak)- "Where are my sneakers?"


  • Frosty - "Freaze the breaze!"
  • Cool cat - "Thats not nice itss ice!"
  • Mersnakela (Swim) - "Water whipout!"
  • Seal wheal (Dodge) - "No balls but I have wheals."


  • Stuck sequel - "I think im stuck."
  • Chain brain - "Smash the smart part!"
  • Gizmo (Crawl) - "Im building it up!"
  • Teckno (Sneak) - "No time for hide and seek!"


  • Coal - "Who wants some ore?"
  • Rarawr- "Why does paper win?"
  • Power punch(Smash) - "Smashing through stone!"
  • Drill drag (Catch) - "Drilling stuff!"


  • Fiery fu - "Fire is fun!"
  • Steam sword - "Super steam!"
  • Super spice (Hunt) - "Too hot too handle!"
  • Flame flute (Dodge) - "My snake are extra spicey!"


  • Creapy crossbone - "Cross the Creapy side!"
  • Copy cat - "Lets make a copy!"
  • Wolf walker (Hunt) - "Who wants to go hunting?"
  • Scarey salmon (Swim) - "Who wants bloody bass?"


  • Tumbleweed- "Whats your weedest part?"
  • Triple thirsty - "Heads or tails?"
  • Root run (Crawl) - "Creapy and crawley!"
  • Seed slice (Slice) - "Just cuting fruit and you!"


  • Bur flur Boy,its cold!"
  • Knight flight "High in the sky!"
  • Light flight (Catch) - "Lightning lasers!"
  • Wind slash (Slice) - "Slice something!"

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