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Skylanders: Masters is a brand new video game similar to Skylasnders: Imaginators but with my own personal ideas.

Senseis Edit

Air Edit

Dark Edit

  • Luna (Swashbuckler)
  • Knight Fright (Knight)
  • Kurse (Sorcerer)
  • Nightshade (Ninja)
  • Hood Sickle (Sentinel)

Earth Edit

  • Avalanche (Bazooker)
  • Rock Blast (Quickshot)
  • Diamole (Ninja)
  • Golden Queen (Sorcerer)
  • Brawl & Chain (Swashbuckler)

Fire Edit

  • Excaliburn (Knight)
  • Flara (Sentinel)
  • Vulcan (Brawler)
  • Chef Pepper Jack (Bazooker)
  • Tae Kwon Crow (Ninja)

Life Edit

  • Flowerama (Sentinel)
  • Trick Shot (Bowslinger)
  • Rootica (Quickshot)
  • Chompy Mage (Smasher)
  • Broccoli Guy (Sorcerer)

Light Edit

  • Blindstein (Smasher)
  • Neon (Brawler)
  • Angela (Bowslinger)
  • Luminous (Knight)
  • Lob Goblin (Bazooker)

Magic Edit

  • Wizardo (Sorcerer)
  • Magicat (Ninja)
  • Djinni (Swashbuckler)
  • Mesmeralda (Brawler)
  • Pain-Yatta (Smasher)

Tech Edit

  • Techno (Brawler)
  • Papercutz (Swashbuckler)
  • Electron (Sentinel)
  • Dr. Krankcase (Quickshot)
  • Blaster-Tron (Knight)
  • Dr. Eggman (Sorcerer)

Undead Edit

  • Dead Shot (Quickshot)
  • Axecutioner (Smasher)
  • Coblade (Knight)
  • Wolfgang (Bowslinger)
  • Grave Clobber (Brawler)

Water Edit

  • Thalassa (Ninja)
  • Gusher (Bazooker)
  • Burrbarian (Smasher)
  • The Gulper (Sentinel)
  • Cross Crow (Bowslinger)

Kaos Edit

  • Kaos (Portal Master)

Eon Edit

  • Master Eon (Portal Master)

Levels Edit

Chapter 01: Creation Temple

  • Reach the Temple
  • Get Past the Maze
  • Defeat the Doomlander

Chapter 02: Crystalline Falls

  • Get the Boat
  • Ride Down the River
  • Defeat the Doomlander

Chapter 03: Skylands Sewer Systems

  • Enter the Sewer
  • Get Past the Sea Monster
  • Defeat the Doomlander

Chapter 04: Vortex Village

  • Rescue the Villagers
  • Destroy the Vortex
  • Defeat the Doomlander

Chapter 05: Battleship Blitz

  • Board the Battleship
  • Take the Controls
  • Defeat the Doomlander

Chapter 06: Soda Factory

  • Sort the Potions
  • Protect the Potions
  • Defeat the Doomlander

Chapter 07: Land of Games

  • Beat the Arcade Games
  • Defeat the Domlander
  • Free the Brain

Chapter 08: Dragon Temple

  • Reach the Temple
  • Complete the Paths
  • Defeat the Doomlander

Chapter 09: Sweet Land Bake-Off

  • Find the Ingredients
  • Bake Kaos's Cake
  • Defeat the Doomlander

Chapter 10: Academy Attack!

  • Defend the Academy
  • Board the Sky Bandit's Ship
  • Take Back the Cake
  • Defeat the Doomlander

Chapter 11: Khaotic Kastle

  • Enter the Castle
  • Reach the Top
  • Defeat Kaos

Chapter 12: Crow Island

  • Defend the Island
  • Defeat the Vultures

Chapter 13: Chompy Garden

  • Free the Chompies
  • Defeat the Chompy King

Chapter 14: Green Hill Zone

  • Win the Race
  • Defeat Eggman

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