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Skylanders: Imaginators (Remake) is the remake of the Skylanders: Imaginators

Senseis Edit

Water Edit

  • Master King Pen (Brawler)
  • Master Tidepool (Quickshot)
  • The Gulper (Sentinel)
  • Grave Clobber (Brawler)
  • Chill Bill (Bazooker)
  • Guest Star: Greninja (Ninja)

Fire Edit

  • Master Ember (Sentinel)
  • Master Flare Wolf (Bazooker)
  • Chef Pepper Jack (Swashbuckler)
  • Tae Kwon Crow (Ninja)
  • Guest Star: Mario (Brawler)

Earth Edit

  • Master Tri-Tip (Smasher)
  • Master Barbella (Sentinel)
  • Golden Queen (Sorcerer)
  • Brawl & Chain (Smasher)
  • Guest Star: Wario (Bazooker)

Life Edit

  • Master Ambush (Knight)
  • Master Boom Bloom (Ninja)
  • Chompy Mage (Bazooker)
  • Broccoli Guy (Sorcerer)
  • Guest Star: Crash Bandicoot (Brawler)
  • Guest Star: Yoshi (Brawler)

Air Edit

  • Master Air Strike (Brawler)
  • Master Wild Storm (Knight)
  • Dreamcatcher (Ninja)
  • Bad Juju (Swashbuckler)
  • Guest Star: Pit (Bowslinger)
  • Guest Star: King Dedede (Smasher)

Tech Edit

  • Master Chain Reaction (Swashbuckler)
  • Master Ro-Bow (Bowslinger)
  • Dr. Krankcase (Quickshot)
  • Threatpack (Quickshot)
  • Guest Star: Dr. Neo Cortex (Sorcerer)
  • Guest Star: Ratchet & Clank (Quickshot)
  • Guest Star: Samus (Bazooker)

Magic Edit

  • Master Mysticat (Sorcerer)
  • Master Buckshot (Bowslinger)
  • Pain-Yatta (Smasher)
  • Rage Mage (Bowslinger)
  • Eye Five (Quickshot)
  • Guest Star: Link (Knight)
  • Guest Star: Kirby (Ninja)
  • Guest Star: Princess Peach (Sorcerer)

Undead Edit

  • Master Chopscotch (Smasher)
  • Master Pit Boss (Sorcerer)
  • Wolfgang (Bowslinger)
  • Eye Scream (Bazooker)
  • Guest Star: King Boo (Quickshot)
  • Guest Star: Luigi (Sorcerer)
  • Guest Star: Dry Bones (Ninja)

Light Edit

  • Master Aurora (Swashbuckler)
  • Master Bright Light (Bazooker)
  • Luminous (Knight)
  • Blaster-Tron (Knight)
  • Cross Crow (Bowslinger)
  • Guest Star: Pikachu (Sentinel)

Dark Edit

  • Master Starcast (Ninja)
  • Master Night Crawler (Quickshot)
  • Nightshade (Brawler)
  • Hood Sickle (Sentinel)
  • Fisticuffs (Smasher)
  • Guest Star: Waluigi (Swashbuckler)
  • Guest Star: Ganondorf (Smasher)

Kaos Edit

  • Kaos (All)

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