The following is the Starter Packs for Skylanders: Evolved Army. There will be 3 starter Packs in Skylanders: Evolved Army. The Starter Pack will have 5, the 3DS Pack will have 3, and the Mega Pack will have 15 skylanders.

Console Starter Pack Edit

It will contain the following:

Fire Cracker, Gas Leak, Shine Get, Spy Glass, and Stone Glow, 5 trading cards, 5 web codes, 5 stickers, the video game, the Portal of Power (You can use the old portal from SSA and SG) and 1 character Poster.

3DS Starter Pack Edit

It will contain the following:

Grow Goop, Heat Wave, Software, 3 stickers, three trading cards, 3 web codes, the Portal of Power, the video game, and 1 character poster.

Mega Pack Edit

It will contain the following:

Fire Cracker

Gas Leak

Self Destruct

Shrink Ray

Grow Goop

Shine Get

Spy Glass

Stone Glow

Soar In

Short Circuit

Blast Off Countdown

Super Flyer Roller Brawl

Cosmic Starstrike

Spirit Taker Grim Creeper

Hardcore Country Fryno

15 trading cards, 15 web codes, 15 stickers, Video Game, Character Poster, Portal of Power.

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