== Story == The Epics use to be special core skylanders they were different from all the other cores. Their moves were improved there attacks were about as strong as the Eon's Elites. That's when the epics went to the Fountain of Power. But then it exploded turning them into humongous characters that could swap weapons. == Characters == === Magic === Shard Shooter- Epic Moon Shadow: Core Spyder Ryder: Core Butterfly Wrecking Ball: Returning Flame Burst Spyro: Returning Fizzle: Mini === Air === Boom Bear: Epic Beauty-Fly: Core Feather Brain: Core Killer Klaw Scratch: Returning Wind Winner Whirlwind: Returning Scrape: Mini === Life === Absorber: Epic Crab Apple: Core Solar: Core Awesome Apple High Five: Returning Bee Master Bumble Blast: Returning Stump Chump: Mini === Earth === Bone Club: Epic Rock Rig: Core Drill Mole: Core Whiplash Scorp: Returning Shine Time Flashwing: Returning Pebble Pedal: Mini === Undead === Brazen Bull: Epic Iron Maiden: Core Pillory: Core Speed Limit Rollerbrawl: Returning Night Knight Fright Rider: Returning Giggle Bone: Mini === Tech === Machine: Epic Ro-Boom: Core Chromeclone: Core Atomic Countdown: Returning Dino Destroyer Chopper: Returning Triker: Mini === Fire === Pitch-Fork: Epic Fire Tire: Core Coal Pole: Core Volcanic Flame Sunburn: Returning Fire Rider Ignitor: Returning Tan: Mini === Water === Splash: Epic Hydro: Core Ghydrial: Core Eel Queen Punk Shock: Returning Solar Sound Echo: Returning Screech: MIni

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