Don't like the visual editor :( Ah, classic is the life.

Since I have had inactivity, my other skylanders game slowly died down, and my taste for good guys winning the game has changed, I have decided for Elemental Vengeance.

The game starts on the last five levels of what would be a previous game. However this is just a video. Kaos has finally overtaken the skylanders, and found the antidote for traptanium. (Spoiler: His dad.) He has succeeded in evilizing skylands and is set for the second universe to claim. He becomes so powerful that he can easily swat aside skylanders that try to fight him. The elementals, Who have successfully fled, decided for Frost Chomp to go after the evilized skylanders. To use them, you had to put the figure on the portal to contain them. (I will finish this later.)


Frost Chomp (Water)

Starter Pack

Scorch Screamer (Fire)

Single Pack

Fire Hex Pack

Starter Pack:

Frost Chomp (Water)

Pret Staff (Life)

Shade Surpriser (Dark)

Update LogEdit

Since I want to make sure this is a good game idea, I will add more information every few comments or so.

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