This page is about the reposed Skylanders from Skylanders: Elemental Masters.

  • Dragon Master Spyro - Wow Pow: Summon dragons to fight for you by shooting three fireballs in a row - New Look: Spyro stands up straight on the pedestal, having two smaller dragons beside him,
  • Slow Motion Deja Vu - Wow Pow: Enemies will stop in mid-air if summoning a black hole while in your past self - New Look: Deja Vu holds her hourglass above her head and has her other hand on her hip.
  • Hammerhead Terrafin - Wow Pow: Make an impressive head slam by punching while bellyflopping - New Look: Terrafin is about to perform a head slam. His hands are rested on the pedestal.
  • Eternal Sting Scorp - Wow Pow: When enemies are poisoned they stay that way until they are defeated - New Look: Scorp has his tail around his right side ready to sting someone.
  • Avalanche Slam Bam - Wow Pow: If you freeze enough enemies in ice blocks, they will join to make an ice golem and attack other enemies - New Look: Slam Bam has all four fists on the pedestal and an aggresive look on his face.
  • Siren Song Echo - Wow Pow: When using Call of the Siren she starts blowing out a stream of bubbles to trap enemies - New Look: Echo sings a song with a microphone in her paw.
  • Fire Feather Sunburn - Wow Pow: When you perform Blazing Dash three times in a row a trio of baby Phoenix Dragons to fight for you - New Look: Sunburn is shown spreading his wings while summoning three baby Phoenix Dragons.
  • Solstice Smolderdash
  • Cyborg Drobot
  • Full Speed Tread Head
  • Graveyard Spear Fright Rider
  • Metal Detector Funny Bone
  • Cirrus Lightning Rod
  • Swordfighter Blades
  • Beast Summoner Zoo Lou
  • Feast Food Fight
  • Gamma Ray Spotlight
  • Creeper Blackout

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