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Skylanders: Elemental Masters
Skylanders Elemental Masters
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Developer(s) Fifth Demon Studios
Publisher(s) Fifth Demon Studios
Platform(s) Xbox One Xbox 360 PS3 PS4 Wii Wii U 3DS PS Vita IOS
Genre(s) Platform
Release Date(s)
October 7, 2015
Single Player


Series Skylanders
Predecessor Skylanders: Trap Team
Successor Skylanders: Labyrinth Runners
"Master the elements... you'll need them."
    —The game's tagline

Skylanders: Elemental Masters is the fifth game in the Skylanders series. There are 18 new Elemental Masters, 26 new core Skylanders, 18 reposes, 8 Minis, 4 Adventure Packs, 2 Battle Packs, 8 Magic Items and currently 12 variants. There are 82 new figures in total. This might change over time.


The Elemental Masters have been awakened again! After his escape from the trap, Kaos has constructed the most fiendish machine ever thought of. With this, he can summon all the magic in Skylands. Deep inside the darkest parts of Skylands, the oldest team of Skylanders were in slumber. This machine was the only thing enough to awake them. Kaos sucked the magic out of the Elemental Masters. He made eight counterparts of himself with the other elements, and set them all out today destroy the other Skylanders. After that, all eight counterparts mutated animals into elemental killing machines. With the little magic the Elemental Masters have left, they can return to Skylands, and fight evil.

3DS StoryEdit

As Darkness falls, a new threat emerges. The Dark Wizard will stop at nothing to get what he wants. And what he wants is one specific thing that he will not let out of his grasp: The Master Jewel. With this, he can become the ultimate master of Skylands and can make anyone bow down to him. But before that could happen, the great Elemental Masters came to rise and defeat the Dark Wizard. But the Dark Wizard is still around, and this time, he won't back down so easily...

Eon's IntroductionEdit

"Greetings, Portal Master! Welcome to Skylands! I am Eon, here to guide you on your journey with the Skylanders! Kaos, the evil Portal Master, is up to his tricks again, Portal Master! He has created an evil Magic-Sucker-Upper and multiplied himself into eight different counterparts! But we have the Elemental Masters, a team of elite Skylanders! Can you use them to stop him, and save Skylands?"
    —Master Eon


The HUB of Skylanders: Elemental Masters is the Hall of Magic.


Skylander QuestsEdit

Skylanders now come into specific uses. Every Skylander has one thing they have to do. It could be fixing something, breaking something, fighting something, or saving something. After they do this, the Skylander gets an Elemental Scrap, a statue of that Skylander, the level of that Skylander, possibly a hat, trinket or other accessory and a village decoration.

Elemental MastersEdit

The Elemental Masters can increase the stats of other Skylanders of the same element, and there are places in the game where you can bend the element. They are said to be able to change their element slightly. The Elemental Masters also have a second element. See here

Use of Previous Non-CoresEdit

Giants, SWAP Force, and Trap Masters can be used again. Once again, there are things that the Giants have specially, SWAP Zones, and Traptanium can be found all over the place.

Trappable Villains CompatibilityEdit

You may use all your Trappable Villains again, including Kaos. New Trapabble Villains will appear if the Trappable function is activated.

Elemental GatesEdit

There are three types of Elemental Gates. There are regular ones, Traptanium ones, and dual element ones.

Multiplayer CompatibilityEdit

This game introduces Multiplayer compatibility. Now, if you are playing multiplayer and both of your Skylanders are of the same element, both your attack is increased.

Elemental ArmourEdit

You can now make Elemental Armour by using Elemental Scraps you get from Skylander Quests and by defeating Elemental Enemies. See here

Elemental ScrapsEdit

Enemies drop Elemental Scraps occasionally, depending on their element e.g. A Darkclops will drop a Dark Elemental Scrap when defeated. Elemental Scraps are used to make Elemental Armour.

Holiday SpecialsEdit

If you have a Skylander on a specific period of day, you get something. I'll expand on it.

PVP ReturnsEdit

You heard me! You can once again do PVP! There is an arena for each element plus two Battle Packs!

New SkystonesEdit

A whole new way of playing Skystones has come to Skylands! See here

Elemental FusionsEdit

You can fuse Elemental Scraps to make all new Elemental Armour!

Prophecy QuestsEdit

If you take a story scroll to Hugo, he will issue a quest.


Find information on Skylanders, enemies, anything!

Sky BankEdit

Now you can deposit money from one Skylander for another Skylander to take out!

Store FoodEdit

If you find food, you can store it and save it for times when you actually need it!

Skylander VillageEdit

Close to the Hall of Magic is a village. The village expands as you collect more Skylanders. Each Skylander has their own house, which you can decorate with items from levels as you please. There's also a house in the middle made for the Portal Master.

Howl's House of HorrorsEdit

A new mode where you must fight through a wave of enemies until your Skylander dies.

Puzzle ThingsEdit

Each element can do something. For example, a Tech one can hack a machine, a Fire one can burn wood if in the way. An Air one can fly to hard to reach places. An Earth can dig under walls.

Unlockable LevelsEdit

After you complete a Skylander quest, you unlock a level for that Skylander to play.



Once again, Skystones returns, but the gameplay has been changed. You have three stones in your hand. They are randomly picked out of your pack, which is made up of your Skylanders. The stones have symbols on the four corners, all with numbers on them. The symbols include a fist, which represents strength, a shield, which represents defense, a foot, which represents speed, and a star, which represents elemental power. All Skylanders have different numbers. At the start of the go, both players put down a stone. Then a wheel is spun, and it will land on one of the four. The stone with the highest number of the one that is chosen wins, and the player who played that stone wins both of the stones. The game is over once all stones are played and the player with the most stones wins.

If you have only three Skylanders, the rest of your stones are random elements, with small stats.

For more information, see here

Portal of PowerEdit

The Portal of Power is a decagon, decorated on each side with a different element which glows its respective colour when active. There is an attachable trap slot, which may appeal to some people. When a Skylander is placed on the Portal, the whole thing glows the colour of the respective element, and does that until you change Skylanders. When a Skylander is defeated, the colour drains out of the Portal. If you are playing co-op, then the colours are seperated similar to the yin-yang symbol. Other than that, the Portal regains its Spyro's Adventure design, but more detailed and bigger.


Elemental MastersEdit

  • Bookwyrm - "Turn The Page!" Bookwyrm is a world-reknowned author that was transformed into a fearsome serpentine dragon by Onk Beakman, a rival story-writer.
  • Heartbeat - "Spread The Love!" Heartbeat comes from an age-old line of Love Archers, right down to the great Cupid. She is mischievous and will make anybody fall in love.
  • Rockstar - "Are You Ready To Rock!?" Rockstar is a musician that plays a earthen guitar. He lived alone in a cave until he decided to bring his music to the world.
  • Cliffhanger - "Gonna Leave Ya Hanging!" Cliffhanger climbed mountains everywhere, using his hook. The rest of his story is a cliffhanger, just like him!
  • Frostbite - "The Ice Of Life!" Frostbite lived in the shadow of his father, the ancient Frosthound. But that won't stop him from giving enemies what he was named!
  • Water-Hazard - "Just Smile And Wave!" Water-Hazard lived in a cave somewhere in the sea, destroying innocent passing ships. But then he realised that was bad.
  • Red-Eye - "Watch And Burn!" Red-Eye is a phoenix with laser eyes. Something you don't see everyday. If he was a nightguard, the museum would be on fire in the morning.
  • Heat Wave - "Surf's Up!" Heat Wave is a Lava Surfer, and Boom Jet's arch-enemy. He doesn't like to play dirty. He likes to play fiery!
  • Lead Foot - "Step On It!" Lead Foot is a robot, specifically manufactured to win races for his creator. But his creator was in it for the money, and Lead Foot was in it for the fun.
  • Tech Tock - "Clock And Roll!"
  • Dead Ringer - "The More, The Scarier!"
  • Sabre - "Pack Up!" Sabre was supposed to be the Alpha of his pack, but then they all died and he became the leader of the Elemental Masters. A bit of a step up.
  • Frisblade - "What A Twist!"
  • Roc Bottom "Roc And Roll!"
  • Snare Root "Don't Cross The Vine!"
  • Jungle King "I've Got The Eye Of The Tiger!"
  • Glow Stick "Out Like A Light!"
  • Black Lung "Take A Dark Breath!"


Reposed SkylandersEdit

See main article: Skylanders: Elemental Masters/Reposed Skylanders

  • Dragon Master Spyro (Series 4)
  • Slow Motion Déja Vu (Series 2)
  • Hammerhead Terrafin (Series 4)
  • Eternal Sting Scorp (Series 2)
  • Avalanche Slam Bam (Series 3)
  • Siren Song Echo (Series 2)
  • Fire Feather Sunburn (Series 2)
  • Solstice Smolderdash (Series 2)
  • Cyborg Drobot (Series 3)
  • Full Speed Tread Head (Series 2)
  • Metal Detector Funny Bone (Series 2)
  • Graveyard Shift Fright Rider (Series 2)
  • Cirrus Lightning Rod (Series 3)
  • Swordfighter Blades (Series 2)
  • Beast Summoner Zoo Lou (Series 2)
  • Feast Food Fight (Series 2)
  • Gamma Ray Spotlight (Series 2)
  • Creeper Blackout (Series 2)



Eon's EliteEdit

  • Eon's Elite Pop Fizz
  • Eon's Elite Slobber Tooth
  • Eon's Elite Chill
  • Eon's Elite Sunburn
  • Eon's Elite Drobot
  • Eon's Elite Cynder
  • Eon's Elite Jet-Vac
  • Eon's Elite Zoo Lou
  • Eon's Elite Spotlight
  • Eon's Elite Blackout


Magic ItemsEdit


  1. Flash Tower
  2. Cave of DOOM!
  3. Funeral Ambush
  4. Terror Prison
  5. Hurricane Hurry
  6. Bird Paradise
  7. Hallfire
  8. Volcano Valley
  9. Season Square
  10. Jump Jungle
  11. Frostbitten Fields
  12. Solitary Sea
  13. Machine Maze
  14. Spanner Spiral
  15. Arcane Academy
  16. Magic Monastery
  17. The Kaotic Kingdom

Adventure PacksEdit

Skylanders ChaptersEdit




  • Kaos' Kolosseum
  • Sky Crypt
  • Unfound Foundry



Elemental ArmourEdit

  • Magic - More chance of Magic Elemental Scraps dropping from enemies + elemental power increase
  • Earth - More chance of Earth Elemental Scraps dropping from enemies + defense increase
  • Water - More chance of Water Elemental Scraps dropping from enemies
  • Fire - More chance of Fire Elemental Scraps dropping from enemies
  • Tech - More chance of Tech Elemental Scraps dropping from enemies
  • Undead - More chance of Undead Elemental Scraps dropping from enemies
  • Air - More chance of Air Elemental Scraps dropping from enemies - speed increase
  • Life - More chance of Life Elemental Scraps dropping from enemies
  • Light - More chance of Light Elemental Scraps dropping from enemies
  • Dark - More chance of Dark Elemental Scraps dropping from enemies
  • Kaos - More chance of Kaos Elemental Scraps dropping from enemies - enemies fight alongside you



  • Leather Jacket (found in Flash Tower - increases elemental power of Dark Skylanders)
  • Undead Hood (found in Funeral Ambush - increases elemental power of Undead Skylanders)


  • Cargo Pants


  • High Heels
  • Sandals
  • Flip-Flops
  • Gumboots
  • Rocket Shoes



Legendary TreasureEdit

Village DecorationsEdit


  • Spyro Statue


Wave 1Edit

Starter PacksEdit

  • Starter Pack: Sabre, Word Search, Hammerhead Terrafin
  • 3DS Starter Pack: Basilisk Bookwyrm, Overflow, Swordfighter Blades
  • Light Starter Pack: Light Sabre, Glo-Wing, Glow Stick, Gamma Ray Spotlight
  • Dark Starter Pack: Dark Lead Foot, Black Lung, Black Hole, Creeper Blackout
  • Portal Owners Pack: Sabre, Laughing Stock

Triple PacksEdit

  • Canine Creepers Pack: Laughing Stock, Cirius, Metal Detector Funny Bone
  • Free Flier Pack: Firefly, Swordfighter Blades, Glo-Wing

Double PacksEdit

  • Bookwyrm, Red-Eye
  • Glow Stick, Black Lung
  • Knives, Sandbitser

Single PacksEdit

  • Bookwyrm
  • Red-Eye
  • Glow Stick
  • Black Lung
  • Firefly
  • Laughing Stock
  • Cirius
  • Glo-Wing
  • Overflow
  • Metal Detector Funny Bone
  • Swordfighter Blades

Adventure PacksEdit

  • Adventure Pack: Hellfire, Volcano Temple, Sacrifice Bowl, Chompy Relic

Battle PacksEdit

Wave 2Edit

Triple PacksEdit

  • Female Fighters Pack: Solstice Smolderdash, Aurora, Gold Rush
  • Beetle Battlers Pack: Eternal Sting Scorp, Bug Catcher, Sandblaster

Double PacksEdit

  • Rockstar, Heartbeat
  • Dead Ringer, Frostbite
  • Hot Sucker, Underflow

Single PacksEdit

  • Rockstar
  • Heartbeat
  • Dead Ringer
  • Frostbite
  • Solstice Smolderdash
  • Aurora
  • Gold Rush
  • Eternal Sting Scorp
  • Bug Catcher
  • Sandblaster

Adventure PacksEdit

  • Adventure Pack: Sandblaster, Sand Palace, Obsidian Armor, Sandslide

Wave 3Edit

Triple PacksEdit

  • Hungry Heroes Pack: Hot Tucker, Feast Food Fight, Black Hole
  • Raging Reptile Pack: Dragon Master Spyro, Headbutt, Hellfire

Double PacksEdit

  • Heatwave, Water-Hazard
  • Snare Root, Cliffhanger
  • Hearbit, Teeny Screen

Single PacksEdit

  • Heat Wave
  • Water-Hazard
  • Snare Root
  • Cliffhanger
  • Hot Tucker
  • Feast Food Fight
  • Black Hole
  • Dragon Master Spyro
  • Headbutt
  • Hellfire

Adventure PacksEdit

  • Adventure Pack: Snapdragon, Melon Mansion, Portable Gobblepod, Blinding Light

Battle PacksEdit

  • Battle Pack: Unfound Foundry, Monkey Bar, Graveyard Shift Fright Rider

Wave 4Edit

Triple PacksEdit

  • Wild Warriors Pack: Shooting Star, Wolferine, Beast Summoner Zoo Lou
  • Female Fighters Pack II: Spring Break, Deep Sleep, Rain Dance
  • Final Three Pack: Blue Ray, Metalhead, Puppet Master

Double PacksEdit

  • Tech Tock, Jungle King
  • Frisblade, Lead Foot
  • Jungle Prince, Bite Rider

Single PacksEdit

  • Tech Tock
  • Jungle King
  • Frisblade
  • Lead Foot
  • Shooting Star
  • Wolferine
  • Spring Break
  • Deep Sleep
  • Rain Dance
  • Blue Ray
  • Metalhead
  • Puppet Master
  • Beast Summoner Zoo Lou

Adventure PacksEdit

  • Adventure Pack: Green Screen, Strike Studio, Megaphone, Rewind Button

Battle PacksEdit

  • Battle Pack: Sky Crypt, Lost Soul, Cirrus Lightning Rod



  • Although the official story says that the Elemental Masters were in slumber, in the trailer it shows them awake when they see The Darkness coming.
  • In the end credits, Buzz is seen as a floating head with Eon.
  • Heartbeat and Roc Bottom are the only two female Elemental Masters, and coincidentally, they both have wings. Red-Eye is the only male Elemental Master with wings.
  • Unlike Giants, Elemental Masters' Portal Owners' Pack includes two of the Skylanders included in the console pack, instead of one.