Skylanders: Duos is an installment to the Skylanders Series. In this, there are all new Duo Skylanders, which are two Skylanders that can combine together and become better.


Eon found many heroic duos that would make great Skylanders. But they wouldn't accept the offer, for they wouldn't seperate with their partner. Eon said they could become Skylanders together, and they accepted. Kaos heard of this, and thought that they would be double the trouble. He went after them, but when he tried to defeat them, they combined, and defeated him, but were sent to Earth, as a pair together.


Each Skylander is reposed, except for the Giants and Swap Force, and all have a specific partner. They can combine with anyone, but are stronger with their partners. The Duo Skylanders are also stronger.

Reposed Duos

  • Brave Dragon Duo: Spyro + Blades = Spyrades
  • Helper Summoner Duo: Double Trouble + Zoo Lou = Zoo Trouble
  • Hungry Duo: Wrecking Ball + Slobber Tooth = Wrecking Tooth
  • Skullhead Duo: Voodood + Ghost Roaster = Voodroaster
  • Maniac Duo: Pop Fizz + Trigger Happy = Trigger Fizz
  • Mystery Duo: Star Strike + Hex = Star Hex
  • Insect Duo: Dune Bug + Scorp = Dune Scorp
  • Time Limit Duo: Deja Vu + Countdown = Deja Down
  • Reptile Duo: Cobra Cadabra + Warnado = Cobranado
  • Wingless Duo: Bash + Jet-Vac = Jet-Bash
  • Dinosaur Duo: Dino-Rang + Chopper = Chop-Rang
  • Madman Duo: Terrafin + Fryno = Fryfin
  • Golem Duo: Prism Break + Eruptor = Erupbreak
  • Beauty Duo: Flashwing + Whirlwind = Flashwind
  • Cyclops Duo: Rocky Roll + Shroomboom = Rocky Boom
  • Fist Duo: Fist Bump + Stump Smash = Fist Smash
  • Aimer Duo: Gill Grunt + Flameslinger = Gill Slinger
  • Trickster Duo: Zap + Camo = Zamo
  • Armor Duo: Wham-Shell + Ignitor = Igni-Shell
  • Strong Blue Duo: Slam Bam + Lightning Rod = Lightning Bam
  • Female Warrior Duo: Chill + Stealth Elf = Chill Elf
  • Swordfighter Duo: Rip Tide + Fright Rider = Fright Tide
  • Lightning Duo: Punk Shock + Cynder = Cynshock
  • Screaming Duo: Echo + Sonic Boom = Sonic Echo
  • Hybrid Duo: Sunburn + Drobot = Sunbot
  • Dog Duo: Hot Dog + Funny Bone = Hot Bone
  • Dash Duo: Smolderdash + Roller Brawl = Smolderbrawl
  • Hardworking Duo: Torch + Sprocket = Sproch


New Duos

  • Samurai Duo: Daito + Shoto = Daisho


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