Skylanders Drivers

Overriper is one example of a Driver

Skylanders: Drivers is an fan game idea by Black Rhino Ranger. It contains Skylanders who use their vehicles for everything.


The Drivers work just like the Swap Force. they can switch vehicles with each other by taking their top halves and placing them on the driver's seat of another vehicle. There are also vehicle zones which will open depending on what type of vehicle you are using. There are 8 different vehicle categories with a total of 16 vehicles. There are tanks, trucks, race cars, fighter jets, submarines, speed boats, rockets and trains. Although the categories show different types of vehicles, two of the categories share one very different type of challenge when you enter the vehicle zones. Tanks and Fighter Jets have shooting galleries, Trucks and Trains have a road block raming mini game, Race Cars and Speed Boats have racing games and Submarines and Rockets have the going through the loop timing games similar to the Rocket Swap Zones.


  • Overriper (Life and Tank)

The rest is TBA


  • Fryno, Sprocket, Tread Head and Boom Jet don't count even though they do use vehicles for weapons.
  • The Drivers are not capable with swapping with the Swap Force due to immense programming required (and a possibility of female drivers being made.)

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