Skylanders: Custom Club
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Developer(s) Toys for Bob
Publisher(s) Activision
Platform(s) Xbox One

Playstation 4 Wii U New Nintendo 3DS

Genre(s) Action-Adeventure

Free Roamer Sand Box

Release Date(s)
October 7th 2019
Story Mode

Sand Box Mode Battle Mode

Media Included 9/10- IGN
Series Skylanders Series
Predecessor Skylanders: Sound Blasters
Successor Skylanders: Winter Legion

Skylanders Custom Club the next installment after Sound Blasters to be released in 2019. The game has a new Sandbox hubworld with 16 free roam levels. The Custom Ace Skylanders are Skylanders that whos figures can be Customised, given various weapons and accesories, even real hats, infact alot of fan favorite hats return in this game. The Custom Aces have every part of their body concealed with armor and/or clothing as they can also be customized in game as well, As they do appear without armour at times, their species and facial features can be customized. For example you can have all of your aces Humans, Mabu, Gillmen etc (See section below for a full list Yet to be added)


All Skylanders (Listed in order on poster)
Cores Cores New Cores New Cores Customs Aces Custom Aces Parkour Aces Sound Blasters
Air Whirl Wind Blades Fly Guy Flash Jet Tag Pixel (Chiptune)
Tech Trigger Happy Tread Head Early Bird Spear Gear Aztech ATM Rumble Cash Bash Sushi Beatz (Future Bass)
Water Gill Grunt Riptide Oasis Palm Spring Lagoon Choc Chip Whiped Cream Snap Shooter (Trap)
Life Stealth Elf Zook Farm Hand Angry Culture Hortoise Smile Boxer (Happy Hardcore)
Undead Chop Chop Ghost Roaster Skull Chase Big Bones Trash Bash Rubbish Thump Maelstorm (Drumstep)
Magic Spyro Star Strike Goo Dude Blue Goo Dance Master (Hard Style)
Earth Terrafin Scorp Calculore Ironstein Oasis Mudbloon (Bounce)
Fire Eruptor Smolderdash Melt Belt Conveyer Melt Metro Style (DnB)
Dark Blackout Lunar Shadow Hunter (Dubstep)
Light Spotlight Solar Panel Flash Funk (Gltich-Hop)

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